As a child I always had a love for taking pictures! My first camera was a 110 that I received on my 9th birthday. I was so excited that I photographed an entire film roll of my sock! I spent most of my teenage years dolling up & taking pictures of my friends and little sisters! Anything about photography fascinated me and I studied all I could via books, magazines, videos and websites. In college I studied Art with a minor in Business Information Systems.
     After graduation I managed an Olan Mills Portrait Studio and later gained employment as Lead Photographer for Shramek's Video & Photography
where I photographed weddings, high school seniors, families, corporate events and political campaigns.
    In 2004, I started Jami Lea Photography working as a subcontractor for local photographers that desired professional help with on location shoots and editing. In addition to owning and operating my own business I also managed a JC Penney portrait studio for a year, which really helped me to better understand proper lighting and posing.
     I feel very fortunate to have a career I love and feel so passionate about! For me the learning never stops, and I find myself coming up with new and unique ideas every day! I love capturing actual emotion as opposed to posed emotion! The feelings that come flooding in when you see a great image are amazing and that's what I'm all about! 



Jami Lea Photography